Incredible Evidence from Waverly (Class A+ Audio)
Author Doyle Goss
Saturday - April 7, 2018 9:34 pm
Incredible Evidence from Waverly (Class A+ Audio)
We had an awesome time at Waverly Hills on March 27th 2018!! To say we came away from the location with some evidence is simply an understatement! We have captured some great evidence of the past few years but most can not hold a candle to what we gathered at Waverly Hill!

Below you will find just a few of the best recordings we have ever caught in our 4 years of investigating the paranormal. This is truly a legendary location!

Below are a few of the best EVPs that we have ever caught in our 4 years of investigating the paranormal.. the BEST is a little girls voice in the death chute ..


This short audio clip was captured in the death chute. There were NO kids around or at Waverly at all!

This was a recorder that Rebekah L. Martin was wearing and we were doing a test on the microphone. You will hear a child's voice EXTREMELY clear in the background! There is NO mistaking the voice. There has been NO EDITING on this clip at all. Click the link below…/…/mama_death_chute.MP3


EVP 2...

Here are two voices captured in room 502 on the 5th floor! I have included the unedited version and then a modified version that was amplified. Click the link below

Unedited -…/Waver…/502-evp-3-1.mp3

Amplified -…/Wa…/502-evp-3-1MOD.mp3


EVP 3 ....

Here is a voice we captured in room 502 on the 5th floor of Waverly Hills Sanatorium where a pregnant nurse was found hanged. It was said the child was a married doctors. Another nurse jumped to her death from this room as well.

Doyle was standing by the door and the voice came from in front of him. Luckily we had a recorder there.. Others were on each end of the building and heard it as well. I think there is more than the one in this clip. What do you think it says? and Do you hear more too? Click the link below…/Waverly…/5th_Floor.mp3

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