Southern Paranormal Investigations ™
806 North Jackson Street
Kosciusko, Ms. 39090
Our Mission:
We consist of a group of individuals that have been brought together by the interest in the paranormal. The group offers investigations for private homes and public locations. Our experience in the paranormal include investigating some of the reportedly most haunted locations: Sloss Furnace, West Virginia Penitentiary as well as Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. We also compound our knowledge base with paranormal college course's, as well as, direct communication with fellow investigator teams.

We offer the best in investigative equipment from Repods, K2, Ovilus, Spirit Boxes, Laser Lightgrids, Audio Recorders, Portable 4 HD Nightvision Camera System, Melmeters, and our Crowning Jewel, “Shadow”. Shadow is our mobile command unit with state of the art electronics. Built from our 2016 custom built trailer complete fluorescent lighting , with heat and air. Shadow is a full investigative powerhouse! Equipped with a 16 channel HD Nightvision and full Spectrum camera system displayed on a Large Screen LED monitor. Shadow also feature a 4 channel remote audio that allows members to monitor audio from any spot inside the location and live EVP can be captured live and monitored in real time! For more information on Shadow click the link below.

Meet Shadow - Southern Paranormal's Command Unit

The group is as follows:
Doyle Goss, Gun Store Owner
Donald Martin, Town Fireman
Becca Martin, Caregiver to the elderly
Sam Bell, County Coroner
Gavin Brannan, Producer/Attorney

Founder and Investigator, Doyle Goss
Co-Founder and Investigator, Donald Martin
Investigator, Becca Martin
Tech and Investigator, Sam Bell
Tech and Investigator, Gavin Brannan  

Southern Paranormal Members

Doyle Goss Founder, Investigator and Tech

Donald Martin
Co-Founder, Investigator, Tech and Gadget Guru

Kyle Davis
Investigator and EvidenceReview

Rebecka Martin
Investigator and Evidence Review

Sam Bell
Investigator, Tech and Evidence Review

Gavin Brannan
Investigator, Tech and Evidence Review