Brandi's Blues Cafe - Evidence Review
Author Doyle Goss
Wednesday - September 23, 2015 8:08 am
Brandi's Blues Cafe - Evidence Review
On September 12, 2015, Southern Paranormal conducted an investigation at Brandi's Blues Cafe in Philadelphia Ms. To view our client interview Click Here.

 We began the investigation at midnight after the Cafe closed. The owners then turned the building over to SPI for us to attempt to capture evidence of the strange happenings in the building.  One claim is of a figure of a man  wearing a brown suit. A prisoner by the name of James Grady White was executed just feet from the building. White was wearing a brown suit at the time of his death. Other claims include: doors closing without explanation, voices being heard, weird vibes,lights turning on and off with no explanation, curtains moving by themselves and radio turned on and off , just to name a few. To watch the full investigation Click Here.

Southern Paranormal did get some evidence during our time at Brandi's. Click Here to watch our Evidence Review Video!

SPI had a few write up from the investigation. From WTOK TV Click Here and
from Kicks 96  Click Here

To see more photos of this awesome place Click Here.

We hope you enjoy our efforts in research and be sure to follow us on our Facebook page located by Clicking Here.


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