SPI Takes on Woodruff Fontaine Mansion
Author Doyle Goss
Wednesday - June 3, 2015 1:43 pm
SPI Takes on Woodruff Fontaine Mansion

Southern Paranormal has confirmed our second major investigation. SPI will be investigating the 145 year old Woodruff Fontaine Mansion, which has been called one of Memphis' most haunted spots. The home has been investigated by some of the biggest names in the paranormal field including TVs Ghost Hunters. SPI will have the entire property to ourselves. Tells from this Mansion include: Attacks on the living, strange cold spots, eerie sounds, shadow figures, unexplained noises and voices that are heard whispering and speaking in otherwise empty rooms and hallways.

The ghostly tales of the mansion begin with Mollie Woodruff Woolddridge, whose wedding was the first grand event to be held in the mansion. In 1871, she married Egbert Wooldridge and moved with her new husband into the house. Four years later, they had their first child, but tragically, the infant contracted yellow fever (a common ailment in the river bottoms of America in those days) and died in the mansion's Rose Bedroom. Soon after, Egbert also died in the same bedroom, leaving Mollie heartbroken and alone. Although devastated, she eventually married again. Her second marriage also produced a child -- another baby who also died in the Rose Bedroom. She moved out of the house and never returned -- in life, that is.

In 1883, the mansion was sold and Mollie died in 1917. It is believed that she returned to the mansion -- the scene of her greatest tragedies -- after her death. To this day, the Rose Bedroom on the second floor is believed to be the most haunted room in the house. It is believed that Mollie lingers here, unable to leave the place where she lost her husband and two of her children. But if she truly haunts this house, she does not do so alone....

Throughout the entire mansion, ghostly events have been reported, from strange cold spots to eerie sounds, ghostly figures, unexplained noises and voices that are heard whispering and speaking in otherwise empty rooms and hallways.

We will keep you posted! More major locations in the works! Below you will find a link to the Ghost Hunters episode from the Woodruff Fontaine House!


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