Southern Paranormal Travel to the Hills and Caves of North Alabama
Author Doyle Goss
Tuesday - April 9, 2019 5:29 pm
Southern Paranormal Travel to the Hills and Caves of North Alabama
On February 16, 2019 The Southern Paranormal Crew, Fallen Shadows Paranormal along with Third-Eye Paranormal once again teamed up this time traveling to North Alabama near the Tennessee line. We were called to investigate the strange happenings at the location.
To say this place had experienced a lot of activity would be an understatement. With an Indian burial ground in the front and the caves behind the home that have been documented extending into the Tennessee hills for more than 6 miles!
Our teams stepped a little out of our comfort zone. This investigation not only had roots in the paranormal but also the Cryptozoology world.
Our group experienced some odd things from strange K2 hits with no power on to the home to growls in the woods near the caves. Even at times ALL sound coming to a complete and eerie silence. All sound stopped as if something frightened nature itself. Crickets and frogs suddenly were not heard. Two minutes later a sense of normalcy took back over the woods.
In this video we talk with the home owner and discuss some of the strange happenings he has had on his land and home.
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