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Friday - March 16, 2018 8:48 am
Earlier this month Southern Paranormal announced it would be head to one of the most well known haunted locations in the world, WAVERLY HILLS. In just two weeks we will be on our first paranormal road trip of 2018, heading to Louisville, Kentucky.

The location has been seen on countless Paranormal T.V Shows, it's been the focus of documentaries, and even used as movie set for filming movies.

We will being conducting a joint investigation with our Para-family of teams which includes, but not limited to Members from Fallen Shadows Paranormal and Third-Eye-Paranormal. We are excited to meet up with our fellow investigators and join forces at this historic location.

Now on to some info on Waverly Hills...

The land that is today known as Waverly Hill was purchased by Major Thomas H. Hays in 1883 as the Hays' family home. Since the new home was far away from any existing schools, Mr. Hays decided to open a local school for his daughters to attend. He started a one-room schoolhouse on Pages Lane and hired Lizzie Lee Harris as the teacher. Due to Miss Harris' fondness for Walter Scott's Waverley novels, she named the schoolhouse Waverley School. Major Hays liked the peaceful-sounding name, so he named his property Waverley Hill. The Board of Tuberculosis Hospital kept the name when they bought the land and opened the sanatorium. It's unknown exactly when the spelling changed to exclude the second "e".

In the early 1900s, Jefferson County was severely stricken with an outbreak of tuberculosis. There were many tuberculosis cases in Louisville at the time because of all the wetlands along the Ohio River, which were perfect for the tuberculosis bacteria. To try to contain the disease, a two-story wooden sanatorium was opened which consisted of an administrative/main building and two open air pavilions, each housing 20 patients, for the treatment of "early cases". In the early part of 1911, the city of Louisville began to make preparations to build a new Louisville City Hospital, and the hospital commissioners decided in their plans that there would be no provision made in the new City Hospital for the admission of pulmonary tuberculosis, and the Board of Tuberculosis Hospital was given $25,000 to erect a hospital for the care of advanced cases of pulmonary tuberculosis.

On August 31, 1912, all tuberculosis patients from the City Hospital were relocated to temporary quarters in tents on the grounds of Waverly Hills pending the completion of a hospital for advanced cases. In December 1912 a hospital for advanced cases opened for the treatment of another 40 patients. In 1914 a children's pavilion added another 50 beds making the known "capacity" around 130 patients. The children's pavilion was not only for sick children but also for the children of tuberculosis patients who could not be cared for properly otherwise. This report also mentions that the goal was to add a new building each year to continually grow so there may have even been more beds available than
specifically listed.

Above history pulled from ©Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium
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