Southern Paranormal EVPs from Carmack Investigation
Author Doyle Goss
Saturday - July 4, 2015 10:35 am
Southern Paranormal EVPs from Carmack Investigation
Southern Paranormal had an investigation at a private residence in Carmack, Ms. on June 20th. The home has claims of objects moving on their own, doors opening, strange animal behavior and much more. SPI went out and did an initial client interview before the investigation. You can view this by clicking here. More information on the equipment we used can be seen by clicking here.
Although SPI has not reviewed all the evidence, we have some amazing EVPs we wanted to share. The daughter, and home owner, was with her mother in the home when she passed away. Since then there has been many things that has lead her to believe that her mom is still in the home watching over her and after the EVPs we got, all of which involved her, we will agree 100%.
Here is some of the audio we got inside the home. Some are subtle and some not so much.

1. The first one is a knock in the home after we asked for a knock or some kind of sound if anyone was in the home. Click Here
2. The second is kind of hard to hear but amazing. The home owner said "I Love you and miss you very very much" the you her her sniff. After the sniff you hear the EVP of "I Do Too" . you can hear the original unaltered here. Click Here   I have amplified the audio but it also amplifies the background noise as well. Here is the modified version but headphone are best on the unmodified version. Here is modified version. Click Here
The others we are not quiet sure about. I will place a link here and we would love to know what you think they say. You can comment below!
3. Here is a voice but unsure what it says. Click Here  and the modified version Click Here
4. This one is just a strange noise at the end of the clip that we have no explanation for
Click Here
5. Another voice captured. Click Here  and modified Click Here

This is the full investigation Southern Paranormal had in Carmack, Ms on June 20, 2015. This is the entire video, unedited. Click Here for Video.
Please let us know what you think they say and Thanks for your interest in SPI and the Paranormal!
August 26th, 2018 1:32 pm
number 5 sounds like "cu_t licker" not so nice, but quite clear.
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