The Spirits of Hales Bar Dam Meet Southern Paranormal
Author Doyle Goss
Saturday - August 13, 2016 6:55 pm
The Spirits of Hales Bar Dam Meet Southern Paranormal
On August 5, 2016 Southern Paranormal traveled to Guild Tennessee, the home of Hales Bar Dam! We have heard many tales from this location online and from a friend that lives close to the Dam, Dr. Jim Clauson. Dr. Jim has preformed many tests and experiments in the notorious tunnels at the location and has had some awesome results.

We could not have had better hosts. From the moment we arrived Storm and Jordan's kindness went far beyond our expectation. They were there to give us some of the history that we we unable to find online.

As of time of this article we are still going through our review, but we know we will have some good results. One piece of evidence that blew us away was a Southern Paranormal member, Marc Diez, was in the tunnel using a Xcam SLS camera. when he picked up a light anomaly traveling across what is referred to as "The Crossroads"! This location did not disappoint and i see Southern Paranormal returning to continue our investigation of the haunted location!

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