Ocean Springs House Part 2
Author Doyle Goss
Tuesday - April 12, 2016 8:25 am
Ocean Springs House Part 2
Southern Paranormal has finished the second in the Ocean Springs Series. This video includes some of the investigation. It starts out with one of our shadow cams getting bumped. At the time we thought that the owners pet had bumped into the camera. After putting the video together I found the the dog had went into the laundry room at 41 minutes after the hour and the door was shut with him in there at 27 minutes after the hour. The camera was bumped at 50 minutes after the hour when no one was in the home. Looking at the camera mounted in our command unit we all were accounted for. We are not saying this is paranormal or that a ghost moved the camera only that we, at this time, have no explanation for the camera getting bumped.

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